8 tactics for managing your career transition as a newcomer to Canada

If you are an IT professional, just landed in Canada, or planning to anytime soon, you might be wondering how to land your first job in Canada as soon as possible. Yet you don’t have enough knowledge about this new job market, let alone the Canadian Experience. I compiled this list of tactics to help you figure out how.

1- Find and join a co-op program

They are free programs funded by CIC to help newcomers, and will help them:

  • Get acquainted with Canadian workplace culture
  • Prepare an inventory of transferable skills
  • Learn writing skills
  • Use online job search engines

For example PMC and TCET are such centers.

2- Get Canadian professional credentials

  • Apply for a certificate from one of Canada’s colleges or universities. For example UOT and Sheridan College provide many programs both online and in class.
  • Seek a professional certificate from one of the Canadian professional institutions,  organization or from a worldwide recognised one. IIBA, DRI and CMC are examples of such institutions which offer well recognized professional certifications.

3- Find a volunteer opportunity

  • Provide a presentation, speech, or a workshop
  • Write a blog
  • Join a startup community
  • Provide free services as a freelancer, adviser or a consultant

ETAG offers various volunteer opportunities. You might check Volunteer Toronto as well.

4- Join a local Chapter, related to the profession of your interest or experience

  • Participate in events, meet-ups and events
  • Attend online Twitter chats, webinars,
  • Interact in online forums to get familiar with your professional domain from a Canadian perspective

ISACA and PMI are good examples of such chapters.

5- Develop and grow your network

  • Start with your homeland friends, relatives, and community
  • Don’t forget online networking; Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook
  • Reunite with your classmates who moved to Canada earlier

Meetup is an excellent way to develop and grow your network faster in a short time. Find and join the meetup that matches your interest.

6- Consider a career change

The Canadian job market is completely different from the marketplace you are coming from. Consider one of the emerging technologies like big data, cloud, digital marketing for possible areas to grow in. Check online resources for courses which are low cost and convenient to explore new possibilities.

7- Investigate relocation options

You might have landed in a province while your prospective opportunity is in another province. While I enjoye using public transportation, you will need a car to move faster and achieve more in every single day.

8- Find a coach

You might need a coach to help you go over this challenging transition. Martin Buckland is one example for such an experienced coach.

To sum it up:

Take your time, but be consistent and highly organized. Don’t get bogged down with the details. Be patient, the transition might take longer than you expect, but never lose faith that it will conclude successfully!


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