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Hi everyone, I am Gwen Reimer, Program Director at Eastman Immigrant Services or as the staff says EIS, EIS for Eastman Immigrant Services.
EIS has been operating for 21 years in Southeast Manitoba and is invested in working together with community partners to support welcoming newcomers to Eastern Manitoba.

Our services include:

1. Settlement Services
The staff at Eastman Immigrant Services (EIS) is pleased to assist all newcomers with permanent resident status or temporary residents.
Services that will help you settle:
• Orientation about life in the Southeast Manitoba region
• Assistance with the Canadian Citizenship application
• Assistance with important documents such as: Manitoba Health, PR Card Renewal, Social Insurance Number (SIN), Child Tax Benefits, and other applications.
• Overview of Canadian law
• Referrals to local organizations and adult learning centers
• Interpretation/Translation

2. Employment Services
Our employment staff have great connections with businesses in the region and can suggest job opportunities to newcomers. If clients wish to update their resumes or if are looking for a job in the region, we can help them achieve their goals.

3. Settlement Workers in Schools (SWIS)
The goal of SWIS is to assist newcomer families in every way possible so that they successfully integrate into the Canadian culture. We help these families to better understand the Canadian education system and are advocates in the schools and communities for these families.

We assist and provide the following services:
• School Registrations
• Homework Help
• In-Class Assistance (i.e. assistance with school assignments)
• Online Assistance (i.e. assistance with school assignments via Zoom, or Google Hangouts, etc.)
• Translation/ Interpretation Services
• Assisting with Communication between Schools and Newcomer Families
• Newcomer Awareness Presentations (in Class)
• Lunch Clubs, After-School Programs and Sports & Recreation Activities
• Needs-Assessment and Follow-Up
SWIS works very closely with the Settlement Workers of the Eastman Immigrant Services (EIS), who do the general assessment and assistance of the family. All of SWIS’ services are cost free, because it is funded by
Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

4. Eastman Region Immigrant Partnerships (ERIP)
Local Immigrant Partnerships are community-based partnerships that provide a collaborative framework to raise awareness around newcomers’ needs and engage a wide range of local actors in fostering welcoming communities; supports community-level research and strategic planning; improves accessibility and coordination of services that facilitate immigrant settlement and integration (settlement organizations and mainstream institutions).

5. English For Work
Classes are free for everyone legally entitled to work in Canada.
Knowing English gives confidence in the workplace and more opportunities to talk to neighbors, co-workers, supervisors and friends.

With English classes, you can expect a language level assessment to help you decide which class to enter. Each class teaches you about Canadian culture cues, employee & employer rights and responsibilities, how to reach career goals, and much more.

6. Volunteering
Southeastern Manitoba is known for its friendly residents. The welcoming spirit of people in the community is especially appreciated by newcomers and immigrants to the region.

The Eastman Immigrant Services volunteer program exists to create meaningful opportunities for volunteers to support newcomers who are transitioning to the Eastman Region. Through one-to-one contacts, small groups, and large community events, volunteers form an integral part of a positive settlement and integration experience.

We have a variety of volunteer positions available, including:
• Language Buddy (in-person or online)
• Citizenship Class Facilitator
• Settlement Partner
• Interpreter
• One-to-One Citizenship Tutor

7. Events
Eastman Immigrant Services cares about your progress in the community. We design events to help with newcomer needs so they can achieve their goals.
The events are based on cultural appreciation like the Fall Culture event and the Christmas Potluck.
Workshops are based on, but not limited to, Canadian law, education, language training, settlement services, and career coaching.

Eastman Immigrant Services will empower newcomers and create welcoming communities where everyone is valued. We strive to help make the transition to a new community a positive both for the newcomer and the receiving community.

Check us out at www.eastmanimmigrantservices.com

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