Free Swimming Lessons Being Offered to Adult Newcomers

The Southeast Newcomer Services is helping to fill a need in the community for those newcomers who enjoy attending local events, which sometimes include water bodies, but they don’t know how to swim.

Settlement Advisor in the Weyburn Area, Laura Eddy, said they’ve partnered with the City of Weyburn to offer free swimming lessons for newcomers ages 18 and up, on Monday nights beginning October 18th.

“It’s kind of a need that we have found with our newcomers, is that they are are here, but they don’t know how to swim, or they’re lacking maybe some skills to take their children or their other family members to the pool or to other free areas like lakes and beaches and stuff so just talking with the City and with some of our newcomers here, we decided that we should go ahead and offer that to newcomers that are 18 and over.”

The lessons will run from 7:15 to 8:15 at the Weyburn Leisure Cetnre pool from October 18th to December 20th.

Eddy said since there are only eight spots available, registration is required by September 21st.

“When we spoke to some of our newcomers, they indicated that they like going to the beaches or the lakes around here or in their areas, but unfortunately, they do not know how to swim, so it causes you know a bit of anxiety for them and it’s a safety issue for not only themselves and family members, but people around if they were to get into a situation where they couldn’t get up in the water, or if there wasn’t a current that they got caught up in, so we just thought let’s offer something where they can and feel a little more confident, feel that you know it’s okay to go to these events.”

The number of free swim events offered by the City, she noted, are a great way for our newcomers to go and use our city facilities and engage in our community.

“They can give me a call and they’re just registering for the swimming lessons,” she explained. “They can also come into our office if they have other things that I could help them with. They can come and see us at 203 1st Street.”

Eddy added newcomers should register soon to avoid disappointment.

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