How does job loss affect your mental health?

The loss of a job can lead to a lack of purpose and change in your daily routine. Losing your sense of purpose through work can lead to depression or other mental health struggles.  

Being a hard worker can be a part of a person’s identity and the grief from losing this can also bring a deep sadness. Job loss can also increase anxiety, especially in today’s climate, as usually it is a decision made outside of one’s control. It is normal to feel anxious about the next time you may find work and worry about how the job loss will affect finances or personal relationships.  

When feeling loss or if your routine is threatened, a way to regain your sense of control is to focus on what you can control about the situation. If a person is laid off or wrongfully terminated, that person has a choice on how they choose to react and what they want to do moving forward.  

Our communities have great resources for individuals facing unemployment. One of these resources is Southeast Advocates for Employment (SAFE). This organization helps deal with employment barriers and provides support with employment search and skill building. Southeast Newcomer Services (SNS) is another resource that helps those recently seeking refuge or immigrating to Canada in settling into the southeast area, including support with employment search.  

Another service that can help when a job loss hits is The Salvation Army in both Estevan and Weyburn. The Salvation Army has community services and can help to access food as well as much needed items in emergency situations.  

Job loss is a difficult loss to experience, especially right now; many decisions are being made that affect financial stability of those living in the southeast. It is normal after experiencing job loss to feel angry, sad, defeated, anxious and stressed. A reflective question that can be helpful when experiencing adversity such as job loss is to replace “Why is this happening to me?” with “What is this trying to teach me?”  

You are not alone. If you need someone to talk to, contact Envision Counselling and Support Centre to find out more about our programs like Rapid Access Counselling and Bridging the Distance. These programs accommodate both in-person and telephone needs. If you are experiencing a mental health emergency, please call 911. 

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