Company operating name: Aujla Drywall Ltd.

Business address: 8890 Lauder Dr, Surrey BC   V3V 6L2

Rate of pay: $20.00/hr.

Overtime: 1.5 times normal rate as per provincial regulations.

Benefits Package: 4% vacation pay will be paid each payday on a bi-weekly basis

Medical: BC Medical Services Plan payable by employee

Job Type: Full time / Permanent

Hours: 40hrs/week

Language: English

Start Date of Employment (Approx.): As soon as possible

Minimum Education: No education required.

Experience: No experience required. On the job training will be provided.

Number of positions available: 2

NOC Group: Construction trades helpers and labourers (NOC: 7611)

Job Title: Drywall installer helper


Job Location: Varies from contract to contract


Job Duties:


·         Load and unload construction materials, and move materials to work areas

·         Assists drywall installer in construction activities.

·         Helps Trim rough edges from wallboard to maintain even joints, using knife.

·         Help fit and fastens wallboard or sheetrock into specified position, using hand tools, portable power tools, or adhesive.

·         Measures and help mark cutting lines on framing, drywall, and trim, using tape measure, straightedge or square, and marking devices.

·         Help installs blanket insulation between studs and tacks plastic moisture barrier over insulation.

·         Removes plaster, drywall, or paneling, using crowbar and hammer.

·         Help lay out reference lines and points, computes position of framing and furring channels, and marks position, using chalk line.

·         Help cut metal or wood framing, angle and channel iron, and trim to size, using cutting tools.

·         Help cut openings into board for electrical outlets, windows, vents, or fixtures, using keyhole saw or other cutting tools.

·         Perform other activities at construction site, as directed.




Please email your resumes at


********************* ATTENTION **************************

Please read carefully, send your cover letter and resume. In order not to

waste time, we will be only contacting candidates who’s cover letter and

resume get shortlisted. We will not accept any drop-ins or phone calls,

only resumes submitted via email will be accepted.

All others will not be processed.

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