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TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / September 28, 2021 / With the COVID-19 pandemic making travel and work unimaginably more difficult and complex, it’s no surprise that a great clamour to simplify the process of pursuing opportunities abroad has come about. Finding jobs, schools, or immigration opportunities in another part of the globe is a tall order for many people, but a Toronto-based technology platform is streamlining all the processes and making their overseas dreams a reality.

Enter The GlobalPass, an innovative technology platform whose main focus is assisting students, job seekers and immigrants with finding international opportunities and settling into their new home destination in a simple, efficient and modern manner.

In it’s one year of operation thus far, The GlobalPass gained nearly 10,000 sign ups in just 6 months and has already aided countless people by simplifying their pathway to an international destination and helping them start the next chapter of their lives in Canada, through an innovative, modern and easy to use mobile and web based applications.

We approached co-founders Adam Czach, Christian Atangana and Jack Wu for more information on The GlobalPass.

Adam went first, and told us “As immigrants & first generation Canadians, Christian and I have seen first-hand the difficulties millions of newcomers face. At first, we simply thought the university and visa application process was needlessly difficult, however, we discovered that every step a newcomer takes in a new country is significantly more complicated not only as a student but also as an immigrant. Even simple things such as opening a bank account or finding housing can take weeks if not months.

The GlobalPass was born after seeing the frustrations we saw our friends and family go through when it came to applying to a university internationally, figuring out how the immigration and visa processes worked in North American countries or having to figure out how to get a work permit in a different location.

For this reason The GlobalPass focuses on helping people with every single step of their journey so that they have a seamless transition into their new destination.”

His co-founder Christian Atangana then spoke about the company goals, saying, “The goal of The GlobalPass is to increase mobility for ambitious people seeking international opportunities. We are doing this by developing a platform and an innovative process that will revolutionize and ultimately simplify the process for millions of people as they search which opportunities they are eligible for internationally. Our goal is to modernize the visa process as well as the entire settlement process someone has to go through. To this day; there is still a big gap in regards to opportunities globally. Many individuals are still under the impression that they are limited in terms of opportunities by their current circumstances and country they live in. This is why we aim to bridge that gap by enabling individuals from all walks of life to become global citizens and easily access international opportunities they otherwise would not have been able to access or that would be over complicated to discover.”

Yet with all this about simplifying and streamlining the outdated international studying, travel and immigration procedures, the bigger picture behind The GlobalPass’ service and mission is never lost on its founders. Adam explains that “The GlobalPass wants to give people access to global opportunities that inspire them to take on the world’s biggest challenges and have an opportunity to, with hard work, have a shot at fulfilling their career goals. We believe that businesses should be designed to bring the human species forward and in applying the same innovation into important processes necessary for the world to move forward. Access to educational opportunities and Immigration is one way we can improve our society and it’s why we decided to focus on using technology to focus on such a fundamental need as the world recovers from this pandemic.”

Adam continues, saying, “Society was built on immigration. I wouldn’t be in the position I am today if my parents did not immigrate to Canada in search of better opportunities. This is why we think that by opening people’s perspective to the world around them and simplifying their access to opportunities through technology; we will not only end the cycle of inequality but ultimately enhance people’s lives for the better.”

When asked about what separated The GlobalPass from its competitors, Christian took the chance to answer our question and sum up the value of The GlobalPass’ trailblazing service in one go, saying, “What the GlobalPass does differently is combine consulting with an easy to use online platform that educates applicants of their visa and university choice while taking the paperwork and heavy lifting off their back. For example, we have begun the establishment of strong partnerships with quite a few schools and governmental agencies in order to rethink the way international students approach their search for educational opportunities. We are also building a proprietary algorithm that analyzes a students’ transcript and tells you with pinpoint accuracy which opportunities are available to you at all levels of studies in order to streamline an individual’s approach to international opportunities and that is just one of our processes.

We are working toward becoming the all in one software and service that bridges all gaps in the industry and makes it extremely easy for one, whether they are a student, a guidance counselor or educational representative to search, discover, plan and apply to any opportunity abroad as well as set up their life in that new country.

We believe that education is a right, not a privilege and our goal is to remove all of the limiting factors at all levels in order to transform the entire experience for prospective internationals by breaking down barriers and empowering even more students and immigrants to gain access to the very best international opportunities available to them.”

For students, job seekers, and immigrants looking for the easiest way to set themselves up for a better life in a new country, there are no longer any worries necessary and The GlobalPass makes it possible for aspiring individuals to make their international dream a reality.

With diversity and inclusion as their focus; The GlobalPass is on a mission to connect the world by democratizing access to international opportunities and plan on helping more than 30,000 students and immigrants seeking better opportunities in the next 12 months.

Christian Atangana, Adam Czach and Jack Wu’s values and their dedication to doing something good for the world are results from personal obstacles they faced as immigrants, and we are excited to see the impact of their innovation and developments around the globe.


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